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About The NXT Entrepreneur Podcast

The NXT Entrepreneur Podcast shares the stories of an entrepreneur’s journey and the lessons learned from the successes as well as the failures. We want to share all of the stories from the rejections to the huge wins, the long hours, and the ultimate payoff. The journey is many times dramatic, sometimes unbelievable but always fascinating. It’s all about the stories; pull up a chair and listen.




Andrew McLindon is not only the host and founder of the NXT Entrepreneur Podcast but he is also a serial entrepreneur. He is the CEO of Mainspring Companies which is the management company for his family of companies including MBD Automation, Modus, Pivotal, Genlease, Propel Productions, and GearTrain. Andrew is also the founder of the McLindon Family Foundation which is a non-profit organization that provides adaptive bikes to children with special needs.

The NXT Entrepreneur Podcast launched in 2020 and so far it has been a blast.




Propel Productions is proud to serve as the sole producer for The NXT Entrepreneur podcast. As producer, we provide all audio, video, editing, and social media services for NXT. If you are interested in having a podcast produced, or are interested in video production/social media services for your business or organization, reach out to Propel today!

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Propel Production Studio Services

Propel Production Studio offers services that helps your business stand out, which is essential to the success of any company operating in today’s world. There are constant changes that are taking place in the marketing techniques available for businesses. Video Production, Motion Graphics, Social Media Management, and Presentation Development are some of the ways we help businesses and organizations grow and maintain their clientele. We are on the mission of providing our clients with top-shelf customer service. We give your project our laser-focused attention so that you stand head & shoulders above the rest of the crowd.

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